Fungus The Bogeyman

The story of Bogeys, slimy green monsters



Catherine Morshead

Based on

Fungus the Bogeyman by Raymond Briggs

Executive Producers

Jonathan Cavendish, Chloe Sizer, Cameron Roach

Production Companies

The Imaginarium Studios



Release Date

27th December 2015

The three part series, which took centre stage on Sky 1’s Christmas line up, explores the dirty, grotty and snotty underground home of Bogeymen and women. As Fungus and his family’s Bogeyworld collides with the clean, dry, and distinctly unbogey-like “surface world,” they find themselves desperately trying to fit in with the dry cleaners and lead a “normal” life.

They call humans “Drycleaners” or “Drys”, and they find all of our sweet-smelling superfluities like cut flowers and shampoo repulsive. It’s a brilliant inversion of the sort that children adore, and it was filthy fun for adults too.The Telegraph

With an all-star cast, including Timothy Spall, Victoria Wood, Joanna Scanlan and Andy Serkis as the narrator, the goal was always focused on being able to inform the CGI Fungus’s performance as much as possible from the artists playing him in real life throughout the process.

DNEGTV are delighted to have worked on one of the most of the most ambitious VFX projects attempted for British Television, comprising both live action and CGI hand animated creation to bring Raymond Briggs’s beloved book to life.

Sure to be a heartwarming, hilarious and slimy treat, don’t miss Fungus the Bogeyman!





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