One Last Chance

A nice vibe and an accomplished feel



Stewart Svaasand


Anne Batz, Knud Bjørne-Larsen, Peter Gallagher, Ørjan Karlsen, Dougray Scott

Production Companies

Scott Three Ltd, Hero Films, Motlys


All Media Company, Momentum Pictures, SF Norge A/S, Teleview International

Dneg VFX Supervisor

Richard Briscoe

Dneg VFX Producer

Fay McConkey

Release Date

12th March 2004

A group of slackers think they have found gold in the Highlands.

A hidden gem in more ways than one.MOVIE GAZETTE

Film Summary

Three Scottish lads (Fitz, Seany and Nellie) wonder if they’ll ever leave their small town like so many of their boastful peers. The death of prospecting Old Man Tam puts a chuck of gold before their needy hands, which could be the ticket out for at least some of them. Harry, the scheming local rich guy, hears of it through his associate, Frankie the Fence, and begins a long scheme to wheedle it from Seany. Meanwhile, Fitz’ retribution on a man who mugged Nellie, puts him in Dutch with Big John, an elder gangster in an adjacent city who has decided to exact a price from Fitz: £1000 or else he starts breaking one finger per week (then his arm) till the debt is paid. All the while, Fitz also struggles to put his aging and mentally broken father in a rest home (one with a long waiting list that only cash can break through). Backed into a corner on all sides, facing the problems head-on seems their last resort and only way out.




Los Angeles