xSTUDIO is here!


The Open Source Beta version of xSTUDIO, our playback and review application, is now available for download!

We’re excited to announce the release of the open source beta version of xSTUDIO via the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) GitHub repository.

The open source project for xSTUDIO will be hosted and managed by ASWF, the industry’s premier organisation for advancing open source software development across image creation, VFX, animation and sound technologies, as part of the Open Review Initiative, an umbrella project working to build a unified open source toolset for playback, review and approval of motion picture and related professional media.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of a broad range of review scenarios, xSTUDIO was created to replace all other image viewers used by DNEG on set, in office, in remote reviews and across teams. Flexible, feature-rich and highly customizable, xSTUDIO can be used as a stand-alone player or expanded and integrated into any pipeline via the plugin and Python scripting APIs.

“From its conception, xSTUDIO was designed to allow everyone working in the media creation industries to collaborate seamlessly,” said Chas Jarrett, Creative Director, DNEG. “VFX supervisors, artists, directors, DoPs, studio executives, producers – we all look at images every day in many different ways. xSTUDIO gives us a common industry toolset for organising and displaying all types of media, annotating and editing them, and then securely sharing the results with each other, on our laptops, in screening rooms or over the internet.”
Jarrett continued: “The sharing of the codebase for this tool aligns with DNEG’s belief in the importance of collaboration and recognises that widely implemented solutions benefit the whole community of content creators. The beta version of xSTUDIO is intended to provide developers the opportunity to engage with the project and contribute to its ongoing development roadmap.”
“DNEG has been a key partner and driver of the Open Review Initiative since its inception in 2021. Their contribution of xSTUDIO, which was designed from the outset as an open source project, will be instrumental as we work to build a unified review and approval ecosystem. With its production-driven, user centric approach to media review within studios, xSTUDIO is positioned to lead the conversation in collaborative media review workflow within the Open Review Initiative.”
Erik Strauss, Technical Steering Committee Chair for the Open Review Initiative at Academy Software Foundation.


Access the open source xSTUDIO codebase and learn more about the application’s features and capabilities here.

To express interest and find out more about xSTUDIO, contact xstudio-info@dneg.com




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