xSTUDIO is now on Windows!

Epic Games, Ahead, and DNEG Bring xSTUDIO to Windows

xSTUDIO Goes Open Source on Windows

We are thrilled to announce that Epic Games, in collaboration with Ahead and with the endorsement of DNEG, has released the open-source code of the modern, flexible and feature-rich playback and review application xSTUDIO on Windows port today!

Hosted by the Academy Software Foundation and now available on GitHub, this marks a significant milestone in making xSTUDIO a cross-platform solution for the open-source community.

As an integral part of the Academy Software Foundation’s Open Review Initiative (ORI), xSTUDIO is at the forefront of a mission to build a unified open-source toolset for motion picture playback, review, and approval.

“The vision for xSTUDIO from the outset was to create a tool that enables seamless collaboration for everyone working in the media creation industries,” said Chas Jarrett, Creative Director, DNEG. “Following DNEG’s release of xSTUDIO as an open source project, the open source Windows port from Epic Games and Ahead is the next step in sharing this modern, flexible, and feature-rich application with a wider community of content creators. I am delighted to see the increased adoption of xSTUDIO as a common playback and review toolset across industries, and this success is testament to the hard work and dedication of the talented developers in DNEG’s technology team.”

Initially open sourced for Linux, this release marks the first step towards making xSTUDIO a cross-platform solution for the open source community, and to extend xSTUDIO as a candidate for deployment as a playback and review solution across workflows.


Read more about xStudio’s Windows port here.

To explore and contribute to xSTUDIO’s open-source code, please visit our GitHub repository hosted by the Academy Software Foundation here.

Access the open source xSTUDIO codebase and learn more about the application’s features and capabilities here.

To express interest and find out more about xSTUDIO, contact xstudio-info@dneg.com




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