Mainframe IT Park

Bldg H, Royal Palms

Goregaon (East)

Mumbai, 400065

+91 22 4209 5000

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Located close to Bollywood’s famous Film City, our Mumbai facility was the first of our studios in India and is the second largest in our global network

The Mumbai Facility

Our Mumbai studio is located in Royal Palms in the middle of the Aarey Colony. This area is the largest area of green space in the city, and offers an escape from the bustling, busy urban jungle.

Life at DNEG Mumbai

Everyone at DNEG Mumbai is enthusiastic, friendly and passionate about their work. Here, newcomers are welcomed like old friends. The incredible cultural experience of visiting India and the friendly work environment prompt a lot of expats to come and work in Mumbai. Many employees from our other studios around the world have jumped at the chance to relocate here and mix travel with amazing work opportunities. Some of them consider it the most rewarding experience of their career.


The city of Mumbai, known as Bombay until 1995, lies on the western coast of India and is home to the Bollywood film industry.


Mumbai is formed by a group of seven islands in the Arabian Sea which lies off the northern Konkan coast on the west of the Maharashtra state in India. It is a vast and dazzling seaside city, where culture, fashion and history meet.


The city is India’s principal financial and communications centre and the capital of the state of Maharashtra, with the country’s largest and busiest port and a major International airport. It’s also home to the Indian film industry ‘Bollywood’. This is a dynamic, modern city that offers a diverse, cosmopolitan lifestyle with a variety of food, entertainment and nightlife.


Mumbai has three main seasons — Summer, Monsoon (the rainy season) and Winter (a milder summer). With a metropolitan population estimated at 17 million inhabitants, Mumbai is India’s most-populous city. Still, Mumbai makes space for everyone and welcomes you with a warm heart.




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