Celebrating World VFX Day!

recognizing & spotlighting the incredible people, art & science of our industry

Happy World VFX Day!

We’re so delighted to be celebrating the inaugural World VFX Day, an exciting new industry initiative dedicated to recognizing and spotlighting the incredible art and science of our industry! From weaving the magic into storytelling to making the impossible seem possible, today we’re celebrating the incredible talent, creativity and innovation of the global teams who transport audiences to exciting new worlds everyday.

Earlier today, our very own Paul Franklin (DNEG Co-Founder & Senior VFX Supervisor) joined the all-day livestream celebration to discuss defining moments in VFX history. Then, we asked our wonderful global crews about the defining moments in their history that inspired them to pursue a career in the industry. From the 1980’s all the way to the present, scroll for a timeline of VFX inspiration!


This film is the single reason I work in the film industry. As a result, for the longest time, cyberpunk was the only thing I read, watched and it even dictated my choice of video games as a kid. I’ve always wanted to be part of creating awe inspiring dystopian visions, and compositing allows me to do that.

– Robert, Compositing Supervisor, Vancouver

When I was 7 I watched Ghostbusters at the cinema. I was absolutely petrified by it and came out with the resolution that I would find out how it was made so that I would never be scared of a movie ever again.

– Sandra, Layout Supervisor, Vancouver

I remember walking out of the cinema and being so inspired that I fully expected to see animated characters in the real world. This was the film that inspired me to want to be part of this sort of magic – even if I ended up doing so as lawyer rather than artist!

– James, Head of Legal, London

The Abyss is 100% true sci-fi cinema at is finest. The creature designs and VFX were utterly gorgeous and never seen before – and they still look stunning all these years later! All these year later, it’s still an awe-inspiring film for me.

– Gauresh, Environments Supervisor, Mumbai


The revolutionary use of CGI in the movie was captivating. The seamless integration of computer graphics and live action scenes, especially the T-1000 character’s liquid metal shots, fascinated me from the first time I saw it. That fascination introduced me to the wonderful world of computer graphics. The movie was the motivation to explore and learn the necessary skills and ultimately pursue a career in the VFX industry.

– Shitikantha, Texturing Lead, Mumbai

Jurassic Park was the first time I gasped with excitement at the cinema and turned to ask my father ‘how have they done that?’, to which he answered ‘I think they’ve done it on a computer’. When we got our first PC at home, my eyes opened to the possibility of pursuing a career in the industry. Jurassic Park was groundbreaking visual effects, not only because it was the first of it’s kind and made to such a high standard, but it showed filmmakers, studios and audiences alike that when VFX is done right, it can allow us to tell stories never before possible and take us to worlds never before seen.

– Daniel, VFX Supervisor, London

One of the most interesting and fun films I have ever seen. While some of the CGI effects may appear dated by today’s standards, it’s essential to appreciate the groundbreaking nature of the work at the time of the film’s release. The Mask played a role in showcasing the potential of CGI in mainstream cinema, paving the way for further advancements in visual effects technology in the years that followed.

– Prasad, Layout Supervisor, Chennai

This movie is special to me! I was in complete awe of it’s excellent cinematography and it’s VFX work was groundbreaking at that time. It’s motion tracking achievements helped so many future movies.

– Ashish, Creature TD, Bangalore


I finished the director cut versions for The Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting, and was such a wonderful experience. This is where the seed of wanting to work in film got planted, and visual effects brought me as an audience to a fantasy world seamlessly in the movies.

– Arvin, Pipeline Coordinator, Toronto

Chamber of Secrets opened the doors of my imagination. The floating candles, Quidditch chase, giant spider, basilisk battle and Howler had me awestruck! Two decades later, I’m happy to be wielding my FX wand to spill magic on screen, thanks to Harry Potter!

– Vinay, FX TD, Chennai

Watching the film was a huge visual spectacle in itself, but what blew my mind was the VFX Breakdown that was included in the DVD-set. Specifically the BgPrep that was done to in-paint and re-create the set. I started my VFX career in prep and moved into comp and supervision. To this day, I’m still in awe at the talent and skills that 2D teams possess to recreate what’s absent and make things look photo-realistic!

– Aditya, Compositor, Vancouver

Watching Transformers sparked a profound curiosity within me that drove me to become a VFX artist myself!

– Prasad, FX TD, Mumbai

Avatar was the first ever full CGI movie I watched as a kid and I was completely mesmerized with the world they managed to create with very limited use of real world footage. The movie was extremely immersive to an extent that a 9 year old boy like me fell in love with the Omiticaya’s Pandora.

– Pratyush, Unreal Artist, Bangalore


In my teens I was an active lucid dreamer. Having moved to Vancouver in 2009, following my dream of working in film, I saw Inception in the cinema and was gobsmacked by how the film captured the mood of a being in a dreamscape so accurately. That’s when I knew VFX was crucial to making dreams come to life.

– Ty, Editor – Marketing Communications & New Business, Vancouver

The human mind is capable of doing impossible work.

– Vishal, Senior Compositor, Sydney

Inception seamlessly blended practical effects with cutting-edge visual effects to create mind-bending scenes that challenged the audience’s perception of reality. The film’s gravity-defying sequences and intricate dreamscapes showcased the creative potential of VFX in enhancing narrative complexity and visual storytelling. Inception remains influential for its technical prowess and imaginative use of visual effects.

– Lokesh Production Manager Chennai

Seeing the ridiculous scale that high quality visual effects allow creative and realistic worlds to be built to was so inspiring. If you are able to bring a world that vibrant and environmentally diverse as that to life then the possibilities are almost endless, which I find very exciting!

– Tom, Runner, Sydney

From the wormhole, to Gargantua, to “Those aren’t mountains… they’re waves!”, the visuals of Interstellar were genuinely part of the reason I went on to study Astrophysics at university, and pursue a career in the world of VFX and animation – they captured and boggled my teenage imagination like little else.

– Ed, Pipeline Technical Director (DNEG Animation), London

I’d been interested in working in films since I was 12 years old. However, when I saw Interstellar at the cinema for the first time, I was mesmerized by how beautiful the VFX work was. It was no surprise that it won an Oscar that year. I knew right there that VFX could potentially be the career path for me!

– Joanie Production Coordinator Montreal

I am in love with sci-fi and physics, and the movie had so many shots and sequences that blew my mind. I was surprised with the details in that movie, everything felt so realistic and that inspired me to become VFX artist.

– Vijay, Compositor, Mumbai

While every frame of this film is an absolute piece of art, it was the fire transition scene that got me scratching my head over how did they make this three wheeler Peugeot car fly. At that moment I truly experienced movie magic and realized the difference between ‘Good VFX’ and ‘DANG GOOD VFX’!

– Piyush, Production Coordinator, Mumbai

I remember watching Blade Runner 2049 for the first time in the cinema. and being completely in awe. The breath-taking visuals and world building VFX contributed to that film affirmed to me that VFX wasn’t just exploding things, and ultimately led me to pursue VFX as my career.

– Ben, FX TD, Sydney

Blade Runner 2049‘s breathtaking visual effects captivated me by seamlessly blending the futuristic with the familiar. The film’s ability to transport the audience into a meticulously crafted, dystopian world showcased the immense power of visual effects in storytelling. The attention to detail, the seamless integration of CGI elements, and the creation of a visually immersive atmosphere all played a pivotal role in shaping my fascination with the art of VFX and fuelled my desire to contribute to the magic of film-making!

– Akram, Prep Artist, Mumbai

2.0 left a lasting impression on me due to its groundbreaking visuals, gripping storyline, and thought-provoking themes. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, particularly the portrayal of the humanoid robot, Chitti, fascinated me. The unique combination of visual spectacle and meaningful storytelling inspired me by showcasing the potential of cinema to entertain and provoke thoughtful reflection simultaneously.

– Deena, Compositor, Chennai


The first time I saw Dune, I knew I had to switch industries. Having been in recruitment for almost 10 years and knowing absolutely nothing about VFX, I had to understand how these incredible shots looked so real. To this day, I still struggle to understand – apart from the sheer, world-class talent we have at DNEG!

– Maggie, Talent Acquisition Partner, Vancouver


Here’s to many more incredible, inspiring visual effects projects to come! 

Happy World VFX Day, everyone!




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