Commemorating Pride month, Juneteenth and National Indigenous Peoples Day at DNEG

A look back at our celebrations this June

We had a busy June at DNEG commemorating three significant historical events – Pride Month, Juneteenth and National Indigenous Peoples Day!

Together, these observances represent a celebration of the diverse identities and histories reflected in the makeup of our crew. It was important to us to take time to highlight and honour the unique contributions, cultures, and experiences of these communities, and continue to build a more inclusive space for all!

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In India, our team conducted an informative Zoom webinar titled ‘Understanding the LGBTQIA+ Community’. Hosted in association with Saantvan, the session covered an array of important topics including the difference between sex and gender, myths and facts about the community, mental health and LGBTQIA+, the importance of pronouns, and how to be an ally and support someone who is coming out.

In Canada, our Vancouver studio kicked off Pride month on National Donut Day with themed donuts and other tasty treats from a local LGBTQIA+ owned business. Staff were also invited to wear their most colourful attire to mark the occasion and show support!



To mark Juneteenth on June 19, our DNEG Black Voices group shared insightful content with our global community to celebrate and raise awareness about this important day.

This included the ‘Juneteenth’ painting by American visual artist and educator Synthia Saint James, an excerpt from the powerful poem ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou, and resources including (obviously!) movies & documentaries.

‘Juneteenth’ by Synthia Saint James, American visual artist and educator


To commemorate National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21, our DNEG Indigenous Voices group highlighted some initiatives and achievements of the Indigenous communities where our North American studios are located – in what is colonially called Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Los Angeles.

The flag of the Musqueam Nation, located in Vancouver.

The flag of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, located in Toronto.

The flag of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, located in Montreal.

The flag of the Tongva Tribe, located in Los Angeles.

They also shared a collection of resources that shed light on the resilience, knowledge, impact and diverse traditions of Indigenous peoples as well as information on local events and virtual presentations so our global community could get informed and gain context of this important celebration.


A huge thank you to all who helped us celebrate these important days!

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