Alexandra Bates

2022 Production Training Scheme Alumni

Hi Alexandra! What is your background, what were you doing before joining the Production Training Scheme?

I studied Games Design and Development at University.

Why did you decide to apply for the programme?

During my degree I had gained some experience in Production, I have always had a love of Film and TV. After leaving university, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to pursue. I looked at the training scheme as a chance to continue my education, gain experience in a creative industry and develop my skills.

How would you describe the programme in three words?

Valuable, welcoming, nurturing.

What is your favourite memory during the programme?

One of the highlights of the scheme for me was exceeding my previous mark on the production quiz. On the initial quiz, I got about 72-74% and on the final quiz, I scored in the high 80s. I am extremely proud of this as it shows my growth throughout the scheme.

What did you enjoy most about the work you were tasked with during the programme?

I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning from them.

What was the most challenging task you faced in the programme and how did you tackle it?

During the scheme we were assigned the task of creating practice Shotgun pages, I found this particularly tricky to begin with. We had access to training and a screen recording of a Shotgun page being made – I watched the recording and made notes of the process, with enough practice I was able to do the task without any issue.

One thing you learnt about yourself while doing the programme?

The importance of perseverance.

How did your trainers and mentors support your learning and growth?

They were extremely supportive with everything and very generous with their time. We were assigned training that has been super beneficial in understanding not just the show production structure but also the various departments at DNEG. It helped put the entire pipeline into context.

What are your future ambitions for your career in Production?

I want to continue my personal and career development.

What would be your advice to future Production trainees?

Don’t be afraid to ask “silly questions”.

Last question! Finish this sentence: DNEG is…

somewhere that has given me the tools and the confidence to achieve my goals.


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