New Deadpool 2 VFX Breakdown released

Take a closer look at DNEG's VFX work on Marvel's Deadpool 2

Back in the spring, Marvel’s foul-mouthed mutant, Deadpool, burst back into cinemas with the sequel Deadpool 2.

Today, we’re thrilled to share with you DNEG’s exclusive VFX breakdown for this movie.

Our breakdown showcases the highlights of our work as lead VFX partner on this irreverent superhero movie, which stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character.

Around 600 DNEG artists and production support team members, led out of our Vancouver studio, collaborated to deliver 655 VFX shots, which included everything from a free-fall parachute jump from a helicopter through to a raid on a convoy of moving vehicles.

Crazier action, bigger explosions and ruder jokes, this R-rated superhero sequel demanded a huge range of VFX expertise and techniques to achieve director David Leitch’s vision.

The VFX techniques we used included:

  • Green screen compositing
  • Environment work
  • FX
  • Animation
  • Digidoubles
  • Massive full CG shots

The movie also presented our artists with some unique and pretty unusual creative challenges, such as: how do you replace the lead actor’s legs with those of a young child?! See how we did it, in this video.

And check out the Deadpool 2 show page for more about this show, including links to interviews with artists.

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