DNEG honoured with two VES Awards 2019

DNEG brings home awards for ‘First Man’ and 'Altered Carbon'

We are delighted to announce that DNEG was honoured last night with two Visual Effects Society Awards at the 17th Annual VES Awards Gala in Los Angeles. Our talented teams picked up the awards for our work on ‘First Man’ and ‘Altered Carbon’. A huge congratulations to all the winners and everyone involved in the making of these movies. Here’s some more information about our work on both shows.

‘First Man’ – winner in the Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature’ category

DNEG was the lead VFX house on ‘First Man’, and Academy Award-winning VFX Supervisor Paul Lambert (‘Blade Runner 2049‘) supervised all the VFX work. The team used a blend of cutting-edge in-camera VFX techniques, special effects, scale models, and never-before-seen footage from NASA’s archives to tell the story of Neil Armstrong’s journey to the Moon and back. Congratulations to Paul Lambert (Overall VFX Supervisor), Tristan Myles (DFX Supervisor), Kevin Elam, Ian Hunter, JD Schwalm, and to the whole ‘First Man’ crew.

‘First Man’ is nominated in the ‘Visual Effects’ category for the 91stAcademy Awards (February 24th) and in the ‘Best Special Visual Effects’ category for the EE BAFTAs 2019 (February 10th).

‘Altered Carbon’ – winner in the ‘Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project’ category

Altered Carbon was the largest TV project ever undertaken by DNEG when we began work on it in 2017, and as lead vendor DNEG worked on all ten episodes. Working alongside Overall VFX Supervisor Everett Burrell, DNEG VFX Supervisor Steve Moncur oversaw the delivery of over 1,500 shots featuring huge environments and assets, and complex FX simulations including the crash of ‘Head In The Clouds’, the giant orbital station, and Raven Hotel AI proprietor Poe’s apparitions and ultimate deconstruction. Congratulations to Xavier Lestourneaud (FX Supervisor), Philipp Kratzer (FX TD), Daniel Fernandez (FX TD), Andrea Rosa (Generalist TD), and to the whole ‘Altered Carbon’ crew. The FX team was led by Xavier Lestourneaud, FX Supervisor on the show, and now DNEG Montreal Head of FX.




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