DNEG welcomes Roy C. Anthony as Global Head of Research

Technology innovator will focus on emerging technologies

DNEG has announced the appointment of Roy C. Anthony to its technology leadership team as Global Head of Research.

The appointment builds on DNEG’s ongoing commitment to deliver its technology vision, while continuing to foster a culture of innovation and empowering its global tech teams to excel in all areas.

A former Conference Chair of SIGGRAPH (2018), Roy was previously Vice President of Creative Development and Operations at Ventuz Technology, and also brings to the role thirteen years of experience as a Senior Solutions Architect in the Research & Innovation division of Christie Digital Systems.

Roy’s primary focus will be on emerging technologies, driving innovation within the domains of real-time technology and the use of artificial intelligence to enhance the artist experience across visual effects and animation.

A technology innovator in real-time, AI, VR, AR, projection mapping, film, interactive immersive displays and other future focused technologies, Roy holds patents in Stereoscopy, VR /AR display systems and calibration.

Talking about his new role, Roy said: “DNEG’s global scope provides access to an incredible pool of talent, refreshing new perspectives and limitless potential. It is clear from the industry honours and recognition that the company has received that DNEG is a technological and creative powerhouse. As the industry continues to evolve, and new emerging technology paradigms manifest including exciting innovations in real-time technology and application of AI to production, I feel DNEG is uniquely positioned to capture and apply that positive energy at a global scale. I am excited to join this incredibly diverse community and apply the technological might of DNEG towards new innovations to unlock the creativity of our teams and inspire our community.”




Los Angeles