DNEG TV joins Doctor Who crew

New-look for top sci-fi show revealed to public

We’re over the moon to announce that we are providing the VFX for the new series of the BBC’s flagship sci-fi TV show Doctor Who.

This week excitement among Doctor Who fans reached fever pitch following the release of two new trailers, ahead of the show’s return this autumn.

On Sunday, during half-time of the World Cup Final, the BBC aired its first teaser for Series 11. Then yesterday another trailer was shown at Comic Con, in San Diego, to coincide with Jodie Whittaker’ debut public appearance as the new – and first female – Time Lord.

And we’re just as excited as the fans because today we can officially reveal DNEG TV’s role in delivering the VFX for the new show.

Our BAFTA award-winning and Emmy-nominated DNEG TV team will be using its expertise – combined with a love of sci-fi – to bring the Doctor’s interplanetary and inter-dimensional adventures to life.

Doctor New

 “All of this is new to me” was the Doctor’s opening line in the latest trailer and it’s a sentence that will no doubt strike a chord with Whovians – the official title for fans of the show – around the world.

As well as a new Doctor at the controls of the TARDIS, Series 11 will introduce viewers to a host of new characters – including three companions for the Doctor – plus new worlds, new time periods and a line-up of new monstrous opponents.

Behind the scenes there are changes, too. Chris Chibnall has replaced Steven Moffatt as the Lead Showrunner and, of course, DNEG TV is now providing the VFX!

We’re delighted to be involved in Series 11 of Doctor Who. Since we were established in 1998, we’ve contributed VFX to many highly acclaimed sci-fi movies and TV shows. These include recent movies such as Blade Runner 2049Ex Machina and Pacific Rim Uprising and TV shows like Black MirrorAltered Carbon and Westworld.

 A legacy of VFX professionals

A British cultural icon, Doctor Who is often credited with inspiring many people to pursue a career in VFX. This is something that we are also working to do and we regularly partner with schools, colleges and universities to encourage young people to explore career opportunities in the VFX industry.

We also run an entry level VFX graduate programme called Greenlight. Find out more about pathways into the VFX industry with DNEG by visiting our Early Careers pages.




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