National Popcorn Day x DNEG

Find flicks to go with your favourite popcorn flavour

Salty or sweet, crunchy or chewy, popcorn is the perfect snack for a Netflix binge session or an action-packed flick. This year, to properly celebrate National Popcorn Day, we’re marking the occasion with popcorn flavours x DNEG show pairings you didn’t know you needed.

Butter-flavoured Popcorn 

Like your favorite salty and delicious snack, you understand the value of a winning recipe. You’re to-the-point and know what you like. A good and clear plotline, faces you know, entertaining action and epic visuals are your go-to for tonight’s viewing.

We recommend :

Poster - 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout'

Kettle Corn

Sweet and traditional, you like feel-good movies with a happy ending. Like in your corn, you still like your sugar with a grain of salt and want a bit of a kick to go with the sweetness.

We recommend:

The Great poster

Cheddar Popcorn

You’re good-hearted and cheerful. For you, series and films should first and foremost be about entertainment and having a good time. You want something to watch with friends, to have a good laugh and enjoy the moment.

We recommend:

Caramel-covered Corn

You’re a dreamer and you like your snacks to be as sweet as your daydreams.  You want to travel to fantastical lands and follow unlikely heroes on epic quests (and discover a multitude of strange creatures along the way).

We recommend :

Chicago-style Corn

You are an original. You want to be surprised and wowed by intricate plotlines and unraveling intrigues. You like to rewatch movies over and over to find all the little clues the filmmaker dropped along the way.

We recommend:

Tenet poster

Vulture - Westworld season 2 - TV VFXPoster - Westworld season 3 - TV VFX




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