DNEG creates black holes and other wonders of the universe for Prof Brian Cox’s 2019 world tour

Using VFX to take audiences into deep space

Professor Brian Cox’s latest live world tour will feature state-of-the-art VFX space imagery created by DNEG.

We’re thrilled to support Brian’s 2019 Universal: Adventures in Space and Time world tour, by providing bespoke visualisations of the cosmos.

Audiences at venues spanning the globe — from the Arctic to Australia — will experience a close encounter with black holes, when they are ‘brought to life’ on massive 30-metre wide Ultra High Definition screens, during the show.

Professor Cox, whose last live show broke the world record for the number of tickets sold for a science show, will use the astronomical visualisations to complement his talk, which promises to offer a new perspective on our place in the universe.

From screen to stage: using the DNEG Gravitational Renderer to model black holes

We used the latest version of the DNEG Gravitational Renderer to create some of the show’s visuals. This is a proprietary tool that enables us to model some of the most accurate images of black holes ever created.

It was originally developed in collaboration with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Kip Thorne for use on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, back in 2014.

The tool allows artists to create stunning images of black holes using a combination of astrophysics, mathematics and computer-science to simulate the distortion of light by curved space-time. Check out the Interstellar show page for more details.

For more information about Professor Brian Cox’s show, including availability and how to book, visit: https://www.profbriancoxlive.com/

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