DNEG at Virtual SIGGRAPH 2020

Explore the latest innovations in computer graphics from home

DNEG has been contributing presentations and masterclasses to SIGGRAPH for many years and this year is no different. The only difference is – SIGGRAPH 2020 is going VIRTUAL this summer!

Beginning 17 August, on-demand content will be available. This will allow exploration, learning and the opportunity for participants to review presentations in advance of interactive sessions with contributors beginning 24 August. Additionally, 24–28 August will include other various “can’t miss” scheduled sessions. All scheduled sessions take place in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC/GMT -7). For the convenience of participants, on-demand content will continue to be available for viewing through 27 October.

DNEG will contribute with two talks this time and we are excited to share insights into our latest work and technologies.

The Animation of Togo:
Achieving Hyper Realism for 11 CG Dogs

with DNEG Animation Leads Arna Diego & Leonardo Bonisolli

Disney+’s ‘Togo’ is a testament to the critical technical and creative partnership between DNEG’s Build, Rigging and Animation departments. This talk will explore the intricacies of creating 11 photorealistic CG dogs from ideation to finish, demonstrating the process from an Animation standpoint, while addressing the collaborative nature of the project.

If you would like to read more about DNEG’s visual effects work on Disney’s Togo, head over to our Togo show page.



SIGGRAPH session

In session: Cool FX Stuff – Live Action VFX Q&A (Slot: 4)
Date: Thursday, August 27th
Time: 9am-9:30am PDT
Room: Zoom 3

More details on the SIGGRAPH page here.

Hair and Fur in an Evolving Pipeline

with DNEG Creature Supervisor Adam Vanner & ReDefine CG Supervisor Francois Schneider

DNEG’s in-house fur software, Furball, has been in use since 2012. It has since undergone significant evolution to adapt to the changing needs from production. We discuss how work on films such as “Avengers: Endgame”, “Togo” and “100% Wolf” has led to a complete shift in the focus of our fur tools.



SIGGRAPH session

In session: Hair and Fur Q&A (Slot: 3)
Date: Wednesday, August 26th
Time: 8am-8:30am PDT
Room: TBC

More details on the SIGGRAPH page here.

Overcoming production hurdles in CG industry in the age of social distancing

Aug 27, 2020 | 12:30pm1:30pm PDT

with DNEG Talent Acquisition Manager Victoria Long & other experts in the field

COVID-19 changed our work style. We will discuss the specifics of adjusting to new workflow and how the CG studios in the USA, Canada and Europe are dealing with change.
More details on the SIGGRAPH page here. Click here to join the Facebook event on August 27th.

We can’t wait to show you our latest innovations in visual effects. See you at VIRTUAL SIGGRAPH soon!

Make sure to check out the vast range of panels, talks and keynote sessions that SIGGRAPH 2020 offers on demand this year on their official website.




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