Paul Franklin at ‘The Architects Underground’

Art, Science and Architecture

Visitors to RIBA’s Architects Underground event on Wednesday 16th October were treated to a spectacular display of just how intertwined art, science and architecture can be.

Our very own Oscar-winning Creative Director and VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin wowed the crowd with ‘behind the scenes’ insights and stories; from the creation of the famous folding Paris cityscapes and crumbling ‘Limbo City’ of ‘Inception’, to the creation of the stunning Tesseract environment in ‘Interstellar’.

Paul’s entertaining and informative talk about his work with director Christopher Nolan included an overview of the inspiration behind some of the iconic moments in these films, how the various members of the filmmaking team help to develop the creative process, and how the DNEG team comes together to bring those visions to life.

The audience were bursting with questions; some from the more technically-minded who wanted to better understand the science, research and inspiration behind the artistic process, while others were curious as to what inspired Paul to follow this particular career path.

Recapping his long and illustrious career in VFX, he encouraged those looking to pursue a career in the industry, adding that the accessibility of amazing technology and teaching courses make this a more viable option for many people today than ever before. 

The Architects Underground is a weekly gathering of creatives to network and learn under the umbrella of art and architecture in a wide range of forms. It is organised and hosted by RIBA, at the Grade II-listed home of architecture in central London. Visit their website to find out more.




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