Military secrets, corporate espionage and political drama



Peter Horton, Jon Jones, Rod Lurie, Jamie Payne, Clark Johnson


Peter Horton, Adam Armus, Kay Foster


Devin Rich, Peter McAleese


Peter Horton, Adam Armus, Nora Kay Foster

Production Companies

Universal Television, Fabrik Entertainment, Red Arrow Entertainment, Dune Films

Release Date

5th April 2015

American Odyssey is packed with military secrets, corporate espionage and political drama, but the show’s real draw is star Anna Friel.

– Rotten Tomatoes –

It’s an exhilarating thriller that pits a disparate group of people against an insidious military-industrial conspiracy.The New York Times


Originally transmitted to rave reviews in the US as American Odyssey, the series is currently wowing BBC2 audiences as Odyssey. This compelling drama takes viewers on a complex journey through global politics, corporate espionage and military secrets involving three strangers who only have one thing in common: the truth.

In the series, an international conspiracy explodes when the lives of a female Special Forces soldier, a corporate lawyer and a political activist unexpectedly collide. After a team of American soldiers battle jihadists in North Africa, they’re shocked to learn that they’ve found and killed Al Qaeda’s top commander. One of the soldiers, Sergeant Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel), discovers computer files that suggest a major US corporation is funding the jihadists. But, before she can tell anyone, her team is attacked and left for dead. News is reported that the unit has been wiped out by enemy militants, but the truth is that Odelle has survived and is the only witness to her unit’s assassination by private US military contractors Osela.

As she struggles to survive and make her way home, in New York, former US Attorney-turned-corporate litigator Peter Decker (Peter Facinelli) is unknowingly working on a merger deal for the same company that funded the jihadists. As Peter begins to piece together the company’s terrorist involvement, political activist Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson) meets a hacker who claims to have unearthed a massive military-industrial-complex conspiracy. And he’s right – he’s stumbled upon the same cover-up that Odelle discovered, which will soon become a national headline with lethal implications. The only way they can save their country, their families and themselves, is by joining forces and exposing the people behind it.





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