DNEG at SIGGRAPH 2017 in LA!

SIGGRAPH 2017 is coming closer and we are very excited about being part of the world’s largest, most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics again. DNEG’s presence at SIGGRAPH this year is bigger than ever before. Our global team of recruiters and key crew will be waiting for you at our recruitment booth. Pop by and discuss current and future career opportunities at Double Negative with them. What is more, a fun DNEG party on Wednesday 2nd August and lots of amazing DNEG talks covering versatile VFX topics are scheduled.

Global recruitment team SIGGRAPH 2017

SIGGRAPH Los Angeles: Tuesday, August 1 – Thursday, August 3 2017 (We will be located at booth no.9)

Our recruiters and key people from our global management, production technology and artists teams will be on hand to discuss career opportunities at Double Negative!

Get in touch!

If you would like to arrange a meet up with us at SIGGRAPH 2017 to discuss current and future opportunities, please share your details and interest with us by e-mailing

You can also make an online application on our jobs portal. This is really easy to do! First, select the role you want to apply for. Then, log in or create an account to apply.

Details about our talk program below!


Sunday, July 30

4:30 pm The Visual Effects of Wonder Woman
Venue: The Theatre at Ace Hotel, 933 S Broadway, Los Angeles

Brian Connor, 2D Supervisor at Double Negative Vancouver, presents the creative and technical challenges behind Double Negative’s 2D work on Wonder Woman, focusing on Themyscira and using Nuke/ Foundry.

Tuesday, Aug 1

11:30 am – 12:30 pm Creating LIFE: The crafting of Calvin
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 501 AB

Double Negative’s team created a performance of the alien creature at the centre of the film Life, Calvin, using a variety of interesting Houdini tools and approaches at different stages of its evolution. This talk by Gavin Graham, DNEG’s Global Head of VFX, will go over the creative process involved, and how Houdini was leveraged to deliver something truly out of this world.

Tuesday, Aug 1 – Thursday, Aug 3

Tuesday, Aug 1, 12:15 am // Wednesday, Aug, 2 4:15 pm // Thursday, Aug 3, 12:15 pm

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 517

The Young Pope: The Invisible Art of VFX
Mark Pascoe, DNEGTV’s CG Supervisor talks through the journey of how the iconic shots in The Young Pope were brought to life with seamless VFX using Clarisse. Mark explores the technical set-up of the opening shot in the series to populating the Vatican with almost 100,000 extras.

Tuesday, Aug 1 – Thursday, Aug 3

Tuesday, Aug 1, 4:15 pm // Wednesday, Aug, 2 12:15 pm // Thursday, Aug 3, 11:30 pm

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 517

Unleashing Volumes with Clarisse
Double Negative’s Render Supervisor, Marieke Franzen will showcase renders executed with the new physical correct volume shader used in the making of some of the biggest recent Hollywood releases.

Thursday, Aug 3

9:00 – 10:30 am A 20 minute segment at the OpenVDB Course
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Theatre 411

Todd Keeler (DNEG R&D) will be introducing VDB Points, an efficient point storage and runtime format designed here at Double Negative which has been included into the recently released OpenVDB 4.0 and included in Houdini 16. Todd will also be introducing a new VDB tool we’ve developed here at Double Negative called Potential Flow, for doing sim-less procedural fluid simulations.

Thursday, Aug 3

11:30 am – 12:30 pm Lookdev and Lighting Large FX sequences in Houdini/Mantra for The Mummy
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 501 AB

Double Negative’s remit on The Mummy included large, FX heavy sequences plus crowds of spiders and a spooky Tomb. As one of DNEG’s primary renderers, Mantra was the perfect choice to handle the heavy volumes, and the tight integration with Houdini afforded rapid turnaround. This talk by Peter Bowmar (DNEG Vancouver FX Technical Supervisor) will look at some of the challenges and processes involved in doing lookdev and lighting on sequences we worked on.

Thursday, Aug 3

9:00 – 10:30 am Flexible Pipeline for Crowd Production
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 402 AB

The complexity of crowd shots can vary greatly, from simple vignetting tasks that add life to an environment, to large and complex battle sequences involving thousands of characters. For this reason, a “one size fits all” crowd solution might not be optimal, both in terms of design and usability, but also allocation of crew. In this talk Mungo Pay (DNEG R&D) presents a suite of tools, developed across multiple platforms, each optimised for specific crowd tasks. These are underpinned by a data interchange library to allow for modification at any stage of the pipeline.

Thursday, Aug 3

10:45 am – 12:15 pm Artist-Driven Crowd Authoring Tools
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 408 AB

While crowd simulation frameworks can be very powerful for virtual crowd generation, in a VFX context they can also be unwieldy due to their chaotic nature. Small changes on the inputs can produce markedly different results, which can be problematic when attempting to adhere to a director’s vision. Artist driven tools allow much more flexibility when constructing scenes, speed up turnaround time and can produce extremely dynamic crowd shots. To generate virtual crowds, Double Negative VFX has recently transitioned from an in-house standalone simulation-based solution to an artist-driven framework integrated into SideFX’s Houdini. This talk is presented by Damien Maupu (DNEG R&D)


Sunday, July 30

4:00 – 5:30pm CGW’s Get Connected! Session for the SIGGRAPH Student Volunteers

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 307

Meet Graham Jack (DNEG’s Global CTO)!
This yearly session for the Student Volunteers of SIGGRAPH introduces budding artists planning a career in the industry to today’s industry rock stars, who will discuss their own career paths, provide a glimpse at what it is like to work in this amazing industry, show off some recent work, and offer tips and advice for those ready to embark on their own journey.

Wednesday, Aug 2

10:30am The world of VFX: navigating the opportunities of working globally
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 307

Panel with DNEG Senior Recruiter Victoria Long, sponsored by Foundry.

Thursday, Aug 3

3:00 – 4:00pm “How to Get a Job” panel and reel review with Gavin Graham

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Side FX Room 501 AB

A session focused on providing advice to students on how to get a job in a studio, in the form of a stage-based panel of professionals who typically review reels and hire young people, followed by an individual-based reel review.

Thursday, Aug 3

4:00 – 5:00pm Reel Review Session with Peter Bowmar

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Side FX Room 501 AB

A “speed mentoring” style of individual-based reel review where industry experts will provide on-the-spot advice to young professionals.

DNEG Party!

Based on last year’s success, we are hosting a DNEG SIGGRAPH networking event again. How exciting! Come join us, we look forward to seeing you there. Our key crew and recruitment team will be on hand to answer your questions.

Please register your interest in attending the DNEG SIGGRAPH Party by clicking here. While we would love to meet everybody, unfortunately there are limited spaces available.

When: Wednesday 2nd August from 6.30pm

Where: Rosa Mexicano, 800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (good news: within 10 min walking distance to the convention center)

We can’t wait to visit sunny California again – see you there!




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