Our Visualisation team offers directors and producers the opportunity to turn their cinematic vision into reality long before principal photography begins.

Visualisation at DNEG


We collaborate closely with filmmakers to construct sequences from their scripts to better understand how they want to tell the story. These sequences also serve as a visual guide and can help other departments in the production process prepare for and better understand the upcoming requirements.


Once Previs is complete it can be converted into exact data to aid not only the visual effects team, but also the production designer, director of photography, stunt choreographer and director.


After the shoot, sequences can be combined with Previs to recapture and implement the director’s vision. These composites are cut into the edit not only for storytelling purposes, but also as a guide to be passed down the pipeline for efficient implementation of final visual effects.



The Visualisation team at DNEG is headed up by noted Previsualisation Supervisor Alex Cannon. Alex has supervised the previsualisation of sequences for some of Hollywood’s biggest movies; recent work includes conjuring horrifying visuals for ‘The New Mutants’; visualising the death-defying car stunts of ‘Hobbs and Shaw’; choreographing the adventures of Jack Sparrow for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’; and helping create hilarious and memorable moments for ‘Deadpool 2’.


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