Westworld III at Virtual AEAF 2020

Join the virtual Animation & Effects Awards Festival 2020

Be part of AEAF’s virtual VFX & Animation event on August 14th, 2020. The Speaker Program line-up has grown to cover several topics ranging from VFX to Animation in TV shows and movies.

The speakers you will see and hear at AEAF this year are presenting from all over the world – Canada, the US, London and Australia – and from diverse backgrounds and VFX and Animation studios, and all are dedicated to visual stories and a love for film.

Meet the Expert VFX and Animation Storytellers at AEAF and register here to attend the online talks. See more detail about their speaker line-up here and don’t miss out on DNEG Animation Supervisor Ben Wigg’s ‘Westworld III’ presentation. See details below.

Waking the Machine: The Animation of Westworld III

with DNEG Animation Supervisor Ben Wiggs

DNEG Animation Supervisor Ben Wiggs talks us through the challenge of breathing life into synthetic machinery and straddling the line between mechanical motion vs. natural human behaviour in Westworld III.

To read more about DNEG’s visual effects work on HBO’s Westworld III and to watch Season 3’s behind-the-scenes video case study, head over to our Westworld S3 show page.





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