Westworld III at Virtual Animex 2020

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Join us at virtual Animex 2020 from 21 September to 2 October 2020, the UK’s International Festival of Animation, VFX & Games. This year, the conference is being held online and is completely FREE of charge.

Animex will bring you speakers from big studios around the world talking about the most amazing productions, all within the familiar, friendly atmosphere Animex is renowned for. Get access to all the networking opportunities, Animex Exhibition, Animex Screen and more! Learn from industry experts, expand your knowledge base and get inspired – all from the comfort of your home.

Find out everything you need to know about the speaker line-up here. Don’t miss out on DNEG Animation Supervisor Ben Wigg’s ‘Westworld III’ presentation on Thursday, Sep 24, 2020 (more details below).

Synthetic Essence: The Animation of Westworld III

with DNEG Animation Supervisor Ben Wiggs

Thursday, Sep 24th 2020, 8-9pm UK Time (12-1pm PDT)

DNEG Animation Supervisor Ben Wiggs brings you behind the scenes of HBO’s iconic series ‘Westworld III’. Join Ben as he talks us through the challenge of breathing life into synthetic machinery and straddling the line between mechanical motion and natural human behaviour from his perspective as an animator.

To read more about DNEG’s visual effects work on HBO’s Westworld III and to watch Season 3’s behind-the-scenes video case study, head over to our Westworld III show page.


About the festival

Animex was founded by Teesside University in 2000 with a view to creating a world-class inclusive festival that would draw together some of the gaming and animation industries’ brightest lights and future stars, to share their knowledge with the next generation. Consisting of a unique blend of talks, workshops, networking events, exhibitions and screenings, Animex promotes an ethos of collaboration and sharing and prides itself on its warm friendly atmosphere.




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