DNEG Virtual Production at Produced By Conference 2022

Executives speak at ‘Virtual Production For Independent Producers’ panel

Our DNEG Virtual Production team was at this year’s Producers Guild of America Produced By Conference!

Participating in the ‘Virtual Production For Independent Producers’ panel, our very own Philipp Wolf (Executive-in-Charge, Corporate Strategy, DNEG), Xavier Bernasconi (VFX Supervisor, DNEG), Steve Jelley (Managing Director, Virtual Production & Co-CEO, Dimension Studio) and Christina Lee Storm (Director of Digital Production, Netflix) discussed the impact of emerging Virtual Production technology on the visual effects industry.

Speaking on a variety of topics, the panel covered everything from budgeting, crewing and scheduling, to creative methodologies, content production and more!

DNEG’s Executive-in-Charge, Corporate Strategy Philipp Wolf said:
“Embedding Virtual Production into the world of filming helps us tell different stories and helps us create flexibilities we didn’t have before, like moving in one direction to another in a click of a button.”
DNEG VFX Supervisor Xavier Bernasconi said that being prepared is key:
“Virtual production’s potential is heightened when you think about its usage while writing the script.” He also added, “It’s is a great tool for the creatives to tell the story in a framework that is a lot more accessible for independent filmmakers.”

Watch the full panel below!


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