DNEG at DigiPro 2018


We’re excited to reveal our speaker programme for this year’s DigiPro Symposium, which takes place on Saturday 11th August at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.

We are also proud to be a main sponsor for this year’s event, which brings together leading minds from the worlds of digital visual effects, animation, interactive experiences, science, engineering and the arts to share ideas, insights and innovation.

During the one-day event, our speakers will showcase a range of technical developments and solutions that are designed to accelerate and simplify production of CG models, imagery and effects. See below for full details of our talks – we hope to see you there!


Session #1
09:00 – 10:15 AM

Nick Avramoussis speaker at DigiPro

Need for speed: A JIT Expression Language for Fast Manipulation of VDB Points and Volumes

Nick Avramoussis will give an overview of the efficient programming interface we have created. Built around the open-source geometry format, OpenVDB, the interface allows fast geometry manipulation – something that is traditionally computationally demanding– whilst offering the required portability for use anywhere in the VFX pipeline.

Need for speed: Abstracting rigging concepts for a future proof framework design 

Several years ago DNEG set out to build Loom, a new rigging framework designed to improve the performance of Maya animation rigs.

Chus Rodriguez Neito and Charlie Banks will give an update on its development, following the discontinuation of its original evaluation back-end, Fabric Engine.

In particular, they describe the design choices that enabled them to achieve a DCC agnostic rigging framework, allowing them to focus on development of pure rigging concepts.
They will also explain how the setback prompted them to extend the framework to properly deal with the deformation side of rigs, targeting memory efficiency, GPU/CPU memory interaction and high-end performance optimisations.


Session #4
3:10 – 4:25 PM

Managing Complexity in Images:
Just Get on With It – A Managed Approach to Arbitrary Output Value Manipulation

Gregory Keech presents a system for using a node based graph in a novel way to manipulate Arbitrary Output Values (AOV) to maintain mathematical continuity, which can be shared between CG renders. This approach simplifies the process for changing the grading on a CG render, allowing the artist to focus on the task at hand (such as supervisor or client feedback) safe in the knowledge that the colour corrections will work in a predictable way.


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