Emmy Awards 2023: Nominations for ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, and ‘Entergalactic’!


We were delighted to see our teams’ work recognised with three Emmy nominations – for The Last of Us, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and Entergalactic!

We’re thrilled to share that our talented Episodic VFX team is on the ticket for two Emmy nominations this year! Their spectacular work on The Last of Us and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was called out in the ‘Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Season Or A Movie’ category. And a special shout out to our DNEG Animation team – Entergalactic has received an Emmy nomination for ‘Outstanding Animated Program’!


Based on Naughty Dog’s groundbreaking video game, The Last of Us follows the story of an unlikely pairing battling their way across a post-apocalyptic United States. The series was incredibly successful, shattering multiple viewership records and receiving critical acclaim. Our Episodic team, led by nominees DNEG VFX Supervisor Stephen James and DFX Supervisor Nick Marshall, alongside VFX Producers Lauren Weidel and Jess Brown, was one of the lead VFX partners on the show, delivering 534 shots across seven of the series’ episodes.

DNEG Episodic’s key sequences included creating a plethora of exterior environments that showcased cities during and after modern civilization is destroyed by a sweeping infection. From Austin to Boston to Salt Lake City and Jackson Hole – our team grew ivy, constructed skylines, built mountains, and destroyed buildings to bring iconic locations from the video game to life. You can catch behind-the-scenes insights about our work on the series in our most recent DNEG DeepDive session here, and enjoy our VFX Breakdown below!



Bringing to life Amazon Prime’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power required a massive VFX undertaking. Our Episodic team, led by nominated DNEG VFX Supervisor Tom Proctor, alongside VFX Producer Diane Kingston, contributed 87 shots and three sequences to the epic series.

Key sequences for DNEG included the battle scene in Episode 6, consisting of expanding 30 horseback riders filmed in-camera to a cavalry charge of over 250 CG crowd riders on horseback, complete with cloth, muscle, and hair simulations. We also added foreground, midground, and background CG Warlords, Seers, and horses engaged in battle, enhancing the chaos and danger of the scene! Our talented team’s work was previously recognized with a VES Award for ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode’. Enjoy a closer look at our work in our VFX Breakdown below!


And finally, from the minds of Kid Cudi and Kenya Barris, Netflix’s Entergalactic tells the story of two young artists navigating the twists and turns of finding love in New York. Led by DNEG Animation’s VFX Supervisor Archie Donato and Animation Director Kapil Sharma, our team was tasked with creating a world that felt like a concept painting sprung to life!

From the bustling environments to the iconic fashion looks and hand animated lives of the characters and the crowds that swirl around them, DNEG Animation worked closely with Netflix and the filmmaking team to ensure that every element of this animated feature was meticulously crafted and faithfully authentic to the people and culture of New York City. We’re delighted to see this amazing show nominated for ‘Outstanding Animated Program’!


Huge congratulations to our nominees, to all of our outstanding crew across the globe, and to all our fellow nominees!

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