Kaiju VR Experience

DNEG, Ziva Dynamics & Intel unleash the Kaiju at Sundance Film Festival

DNEG collaborates with Ziva Dynamics and Intel to demonstrate the technology that is driving the world’s leading CG characters. Do not miss this exclusive VR Experience at Sundance Film Festival 2018 this weekend.

Ziva Dynamics & Intel have created an immersive VR Experience that will allow visitors to Sundance Film Festival to interact with one of the Kaiju creatures created by DNEG for ‘Pacific Rim Uprising‘.

“Developing the monstrous Kaiju for Legendary’s upcoming “Pacific Rim Uprising” presented an incredible opportunity for DNEG—in partnership with Ziva Dynamics and Intel—to push the technology envelope even further”, says Theo Facey, DNEG Global Head of Creature. “DNEG constructed the Kaiju at a vast scale, and they required the greatest amount of anatomical detail we have ever been asked to produce. Bio-engineered by an alien race, the Kaiju’s anatomy is comprised of a variety of structures—bone, muscle, fascia, skin, sub-dermal plates and bony spikes—all arranged to create a formidable array of organic weaponry and fight the human-piloted super machines called Jaegers. With Intel and Ziva at the core of our Creature Pipeline, DNEG is rapidly unlocking new production technology pathways to creating higher quality visuals.”

If you are at Sundance stop by the Intel Showroom, 2nd floor, 558 Main St., Park City UT between January 19th and 21st to meet with the Kaiju and get a sneak peak of our creature work on ‘Uprising’, due to be released on March 23rd 2018.

Read more about the VR Experience on Zivadynamics.com.

Watch the latest trailer here.




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