Celebrating World Mental Health Day: A Conversation On Self-Care & Wellbeing

DNEG Thrive Wellbeing Group Hosts Wellbeing Panel

To mark this year’s World Mental Health Day, our Thrive Wellbeing Group hosted a conversation about self-care and wellbeing!

Featuring both Thrive Wellbeing Group members and guests from our London team, the panel was an invitation to reflect on the meaning and importance of self-care, and explore a number of wellbeing tips shared by our wonderful panelists. Scroll to meet the team and read a few of their tips!


Get to know yourself

Take some time to identify your wellbeing needs, your limits, and when you feel at your best.

Recognize your limits

Once you’ve identified them, be attentive to how you feel and recognize the signs indicating that you need to take a moment for yourself and slow down.

We can’t always be 100%

Be kind with yourself. Anyone can have a bad day!

From big to small goals

If a final goal seems too big and daunting, break it down into smaller steps and work your way through it.


Put the pen to paper

The act of writing something down is a way to look at a situation from a different perspective. It can also make goals more digestible and help prioritize!

Note how you feel

When you are overwhelmed with emotions, don’t push these feelings down. Try to work out what you are actually feeling – is it sadness, anger, frustration? – and understand where these feelings are coming from, and how you can address them.

Change your scenery

Carve out some time during your day to get outside for a walk, have a coffee with someone, et cetera, allowing yourself to have small simple dopamine hits. Business won’t stop, but taking time for ourselves during any given day allows us to better navigate life!

Release the pressure

Find your own way to release pressure. During work calls and meetings for instance, the act of fidgeting (did you know you can buy fidget toys?!) can channel and release extra energy and calm you down if you’re feeling stressed! Exercising and crafting can also help. Take time to find what works for you!


Meeting overload

Your calendar might look like a Tetris game, with meetings booked back to back. Allow yourself to have time to regroup with yourself after each meeting to be fully present at the next one.

Curate your workspace

Take time to make it an enjoyable space to work in with decorative items like photos and plants. You can also get creative with your Zoom backgrounds!


Thank you to the Thrive Wellbeing Group for hosting such an important panel! 




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